The William Head Visitors Group

Volunteers visit the William Head Federal Penitentiary weekly for social and recreational activities.  The Visitors Group Program recognizes the need for the community to help alleviate prisoners feelings of isolation and to emphasize feelings of positive self-worth.  Training is provided for our volunteers.

The purposes of the program are to:

  • Provide friendship and conversation between prisoners and community members within the prison setting.
  • Provide an opportunity to broaden the community's exposure to prison life.
  • Provide for the offender a heightened sense of community awareness for mutually beneficial social interaction.
  • Share and expand upon both the community members and offenders social, educational, and recreational background through the use of community speakers, films, discussion groups and leisure activities.

Outside friends in the Visitors Program come from all walks of life and have varied backgrounds.  They all believe that non-judgmental friendship and communication may help with feelings of alienation experienced by many people in the prison.

If you....

  • Feel you can spend a few hours once a week to take and share group activities with prisoners and other community members.
  • Are non-judgmental and honest.
  • Are mature, stable and responsible.
  • Are 19 years or older.


The John Howard Visitors Program may be the volunteer program for you.  William Head Institution is located in the Metchosin area, about 32 kilometers from downtown Victoria.  Since it is not served by public transit, we carpool to the institution.  Our visits are every Wednesday from 6:30pm–9:15pm.

If you are interested in becoming a Visitors Group Volunteer please contact Alena at for more information.

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