Assisted Living

Assisted Living by definition is “a residence offering housing, hospitality services and personal assistance services to adults who can live independently but may require regular help with daily activities” (1).

Bedford Manor is such a residence and has been in operation since September 2005.  We proudly provide a homelike environment that will support the residents preferred lifestyle. Clients use their personal furnishings and important belongings to make their one bedroom suite their own.  We promote and support clients to maintain maximum independence and encourage participation in the social, recreational and therapeutic activities provided in a safe protected environment.  Family and friends involvement is strongly encouraged and great care is taken to provide assistance when necessary, in a dignified professional manner, acknowledging the residents right to live at risk.  At Bedford Manor our philosophy is to live each day to its fullest and to enjoy the good things that life has to offer.

Bedford Manor is located in the downtown area of Kamloops which provides easy access to shopping, parks and entertainment, the library and eating establishments.  Participation in the community at large is also strongly encouraged and because of our location can be enjoyed by most.

John Howard Society of the Thompson Region is partnering with Interior Health Authority (2) and BC Housing (3) to ensure that Bedford Manor is an affordable Assisted Living complex in the community of Kamloops.

For more information on Assisted Living, Interior Health Authority and BC Housing, please visit the websites below:

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