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Mission Statement

The John Howard Society of the Thompson Region (JHSTR) is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote effective, just and humane responses to the causes and consequences of crime.


There are ten main purposes for the John Howard Society of the Thompson Region. These are:

  • To promote the well-being of people confined in correctional institutions in British Columbia, their spouses, children, dependents, and victims.
  • To assist in the rehabilitation and establishment in society of persons discharged from such institutions.
  • To support efforts to promote wise and just legislation with reference to court procedure and criminal justice, and to develop and promote alternatives to traditional procedures such as incarceration.
  • To support movements which seek to remove conditions which lead persons to crime.
  • To provide programs to assist in crime prevention.
  • To cooperate with other associations having objectives similar to those of this society.
  • To raise funds by any lawful means including but not limited to subscriptions, grants, donations, fees, and legacies.
  • To buy, construct, hold, lease, or rent such properties as may be necessary to advance the aims of the Society.
  • To cooperate with other regional John Howard Societies in activities of provincial scope and implications.
  • To do such other things as may assist directly or indirectly, in achieving any of the above objects of the Society.


The John Howard Society believes:

  • People have the right to live in a safe and peaceful society as well as a responsibility to respect the law.
  • Every person has intrinsic worth and the right to be treated with dignity, equity, fairness and compassion when involved with the Criminal Justice System.
  • All people have the potential to become responsible citizens.
  • Every person has the right and the responsibility to be informed about and involved in the Criminal Justice Process.
  • Justice is best served through measures that resolve conflicts, repair harm, and restore peaceful relations n Society.
  • Independent, autonomous, non-government, voluntary organizations have a vital role in the Criminal Justice System.

Mission Statement & Core Values

Mission Statement: “Effective, just and humane responses to the causes and consequences of crime” Core Values: In furtherance of its Mission, the Society: Works with people who ...

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“I’ve noticed my quality of life has improved greatly since the beginning of my tenancy here at Georgian Court. In this secure environment, I feel supported and safe. I also feel my addict...

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Please refer to our Annual Reports for our audited financial statements. We are funded by Correctional Service of Canada, Interior Health Authority and BC Corrections, Forensic Psychiatric Services Co...

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Our Well Trained Staff

The John Howard Society believes in well-trained staff and management with a strong code of ethics and policies. Training includes: nonviolent crisis intervention de-escalating difficult behav...

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The Thompson Region Story

The Kamloops story has roots back as early as 1933, when J.D. Hobden (then Executive Secretary of JHSBC), speaking to the Kamloops Rotary Club on the work of the John Howard Society, made the followin...

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