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The Northern John Howard Society of B.C. has offered the PG STOP (Stop Taking it Out on your Partner) program in Prince George for 20 years and has a reputation as an effective tool against domestic violence and violence against women. 

The program is unique in that it is a voluntary program, which targets the offenders of domestic violence. The PG STOP program allows for individuals who may have violent tendencies to receive counselling as well as support through their peers, without being convicted of a criminal offence (we also counsel those who have). 

The STOP Program consists of men’s and women’s group counselling, individual counselling and couples counselling. The different approaches allow us to provide the broadest spectrum of services in a variety of delivery models, including offering services to both the offender and the victim.  This in turn can assist in the development of healthy relationships while addressing the offender’s personal issues. 

The STOP Program is being accessed by a growing number of individuals and is a referral source for various community agencies in Prince George, including the R.C.M.P., The Ministry of Children and Family Development, Community Corrections, Correctional Services Canada, Northern Health, AWAC, Phoenix House and many others. These agencies see the STOP Program as an independent, community focused, offender oriented and voluntary program.

The PG STOP Men’s Group: The group program consists of eight units, meeting once a week over the course of 15 weeks. The program is designed to provide a number of techniques to address violence in our relationships and also personal growth, including:

  • Dealing with anger and identifying triggers
  • The relationship between fear and anger 
  • Self esteem
  • Toxic shame
  • Identifying the different types of self-talk
  • Identifying the wide array of abusive behaviors
  • Respectful and effective communication

And even tips on having FUN in your relationships.

PG STOP Couples Counselling: The program provides counselling to couples who are experiencing negativity within their relationships, leading to, or having already been created, violent situations. Often, victims of domestic violence do not want to leave their partner and, whether or not they receive treatment, frequently reunite.

If you are interested in attending a group or receiving counselling within this program please contact us at 250-561-7343 Monday through Friday from 9 – 3 or through the website. All information is confidential and protected.

If you are interested in welcoming the program into your community please contact Wayne Hughes at 250-561-7343

The PG STOP Study

Reducing the recurrence of domestic abuse among male intimate partners: A case study of the PG STOP violence program of the Northern John Howard Society of British Columbia

By: Chiduzie Chudi Ezedebego

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