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To promote and lead effective, just and humane responses to the causes and consequences of crime and poverty by working directly with individuals, service providers and the broader community.


  • Provide safe and supportive housing alternatives that meet the needs of people who are homeless, at risk of being homeless, or who are marginally housed.
  • Promote public safety through community and social development activities.
  • Build programs and services for people who have come into conflict with the law and those whose life circumstances and choices put them at risk of coming into conflict with the law.
  • Review, evaluate and advocate for changes in the criminal justice process.
  • Engage in public education on matters relating to criminal behaviour and crime prevention.


  • People have the right to live in a safe and peaceful society as well as a responsibility implied by the right to respect the law.
  • Every person has intrinsic value and has the right to be treated with dignity, equity, fairness and compassion, without discrimination.
  • Every person has the potential to become a responsible citizen.
  • Every person has the right and the responsibility to be informed about, and involved in, the criminal justice process.
  • Justice is best served through measures that resolve conflicts, repair harm, and restore peaceful relations in society.
  • Independent, autonomous non-government voluntary organizations have a vital role in the criminal justice process.

History of JHSNOK

The Society now employs more than 50 staff working part-time and full-time in our shelters, residences and community programs. Bill Hesketh and the early years The John Howard Society began offe...

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Last year, more than 112,000 people in communities across BC were helped thanks to the contributions of our supporters.
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