Third Party

This service accommodates a maximum of 40 clients who have been referred to the Society by the BC Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation. The Third Party program is an alternative to using Ministry offices for social assistance programs.  

Legislation governing the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation guides the services available to clients who are referred to the Third Party Administrator Program. These include: 

  • Submitting shelter funds requests
  • Requests for crisis grants
  • Travel allowances
  • Clothing allowances etc.
  • Submitting Direct Deposit forms
  • Distributing cheques to the client

One important role of the Third Party Administration Program is to help facilitate the requests of our clients to a successful conclusion whenever possible. 

The goal is to get the majority of these clients registered with My Self-Serve, where they can go online to submit their own requests and follow the status of their file. 



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