CODE Dental Clinic

CODE = Community Dental Clinic and it is the non-profit community dental clinic located in Nanaimo. 

Not for Profit means that CODE fees are set to cover only the actual cost of providing dental procedures.

In addition to providing you with pain-management based dental services including dental hygiene and denturist services, CODE staff will assist you with your insurance claims by sending in the forms to your dental plan for treatments and procedures received in our clinic. 

Patients are asked to cover one-half (1/2) of the cost of a treatment at the clinic. 


Questions about the CODE:

Call CODE directly at tel: 250-591-0771 OR see the calendar below for days when the clinic is open.


Clinic location:

489 Wallace Street, Nanaimo, BC

If you have an emergency dental need when CODE is closed:

Call Nanaimo General Hospital at 250-755-7691. 

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