Vancouver Island Therapeutic Community

Vancouver Island Therapeutic Community (VITC) is strategically located in central Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and has access to numerous amenities. VITC recognizes that longer-term programming can produce enhanced recovery outcomes, so there is no time limit on the length of stay. When appropriate, residents are encouraged to stay in the program until they are ready for independent living. Residents of the Vancouver Island Therapeutic Community (VITC) are offered holistic and affordable housing.

We have partnered with many agencies to deliver a strong program of instruction, health, and safety. Double-occupancy rooms and home-cooked meals create a sense of belonging. We encourage individuality and support residents to be productive members of society. Special community events and celebrations also help develop a strong therapeutic alliance between residents, families, friends, and staff.

To be accepted to VITC, clients agree to:

  • Abstain from using any alcohol or illicit drugs during residency
  • Respect the rights, views, and property of other residents
  • Maintain a violence and abuse-free environment
  • Be willing to continue to develop and actively work on one’s personal recovery plan
  • Participate in Supportive Recovery Program Activities, including structured groups, individual counselling, house meetings and connections with community resources
  • Be willing to abide by our Client Agreement and Operating Guidelines
  • Participate in one’s own responsible medication administration, when using approved medications
  • Be willing to pay a $650 per month Program Residency fee (includes 3 meals daily) as well as a $175.00 security deposit.

To apply, please complete and submit BOTH the following applications: 

  1. Supportive Recovery Housing Application
  2. Consent to Disclosure of Information

Note: Failure to submit BOTH forms will result in a delay in your application. **Applications are screened and approved pending VITC bed availability.

Please call to set up an interview with a member of our Treatment Team. 250-758-5611


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