Guthrie Therapeutic Community

The Guthrie TC is a 4-phase program to assist in developing the skills needed for recovery management, relapse prevention, re-entry planning, and access to an ever-growing support network in the community. We believe in the infinite potential of the human spirit and that a life with purpose creates responsible, consistent and accountable individuals.

This unique approach to addictions treatment uses the community as healer versus the individual focus approach, which helps residents to help each other recognize negative beliefs and distorted thinking patterns. Treatment is seen as learning through experience, including direct confrontation of the individual’s values, behaviors, and attitudes. Our goal is to provide a safe and healing environment that will prepare residents to live successfully in society.

With increased public awareness of the substantial benefits of a Therapeutic Community inside a correctional facility, we can inform, update, and communicate with alumni, volunteers, family members, contributors and staff.

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