Youth Advocacy

Youth under the age of 18 require special care and protection that adults do not. Our Youth Advocacy program, facilitated in partnership with the John Howard Society of BC, provides solution-based independent oversight, support, and education to youth who are incarcerated, with the aim of ensuring their successful reintegration upon release. Our Youth Advocate provides advocacy at the Burnaby Youth Custody Services Centre on a weekly basis at both the individual and group level.

The role of the Youth Advocate is to ensure that the rights, interests, voice, and well-being of the individuals at the custody centre are respected and protected. The advocate assists in the facilitation of Youth Advisory Meetings (YAM) each week, with the goal of ensuring that youth’s concerns are being heard and to encourage youth to be unit representatives at these meetings. It is the responsibility of the Youth Advocate to teach the skills of self-advocacy, and to assist youth in becoming comfortable with implementing these skills.

For more information on our Youth Advocacy program, please contact: or call 604-872-5651 ext. 310

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