Community-Based Outreach

Our Community-Based Outreach program is supported through the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), and provides a wraparound approach to supporting a higher-risk population be providing added supports, services, and interventions during the pre-release stage and into the community supervision period.

This is achieved through frequent and regular contact with an Outreach Worker who provides intensive support and monitoring, while connecting individuals to their community in a meaningful way.

In consultation with Case Management Teams, Community-Based Outreach Workers support the existing supervision framework for each individual and work collaboratively to create an individualized care plan and report progress against identified goals. Care plans may include aspects of daily living, social skills, housing, nutrition, clothing, hygiene, leisure and access, employment, and education.

Program Goals

  • To assist clients in obtaining the skills necessary to become pro-social members of the community, while working to promote their resiliency and independence
  • To provide intensive support that is focused on the individual needs identified in the correctional plan as it pertains to the client’s dynamic needs/risks
  • To work with the client while still incarcerated to develop rapport and effectively engage in pre-release planning
  • To ensure the client’s ongoing legal, mental health, and physical health issues are addressed
  • To support he client in becoming active in their community and in building positive and pro-social relationships

For more information our Community-Based Outreach programs, please contact: or call 604-872-5651 ext. 310

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