Choices and Consequences

Choices and Consequences is an educational program designed to educate youth about the impacts of crime, involvement in gang life, and bullying. Presentations typically take place in a classroom setting at mainstream and alternative schools, youth custody facilities, and other community organizations.

Speakers impacted by and involved in the criminal justice system share their personal stories of the pivotal moments and choices they made that lead to contact with the law, while also offering a message of hope and illustrating how they have since learned to make positive choices. By sharing their personal stories, speakers provide participants with the opportunity to gain an appreciation for the real life consequences which result from the decisions that individuals make in their lives.

The Choices and Consequences program aims to increase the awareness of youth as to the realities and negative impacts of involvement in crime. The program is an opportunity for our volunteer speakers to give back to the community, and share how they were affected by their life experiences and involvement in crime, drugs, bullying, gang activity, substance abuse, or violence, and focus on their journey through the rehabilitation and recovery process. Our Choices and Consequences presentations also provide an opportunity for other members of the community to learn about the criminal justice system and its impact not only on those involved, but also on society as a whole.

For more information on the Choices and Consequences program or to book a presentation, please contact: or call 604-872-5471 ext. 227

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