Affordable Housing List

To our community members,

In response to several recent inquiries, the John Howard Society has been reviewing the way we distribute and use our weekly affordable housing list. We know that many of you rely on our weekly list, and we acknowledge that support with housing is a much needed service in the Lower Mainland. Unfortunately, our capacity is such that we feel we can most effectively support individuals in their housing search in a different way. Based on a great deal of feedback from the community and from our volunteers and staff, we have made the decision that we will no longer be distributing or publicly posting the list.

We remain strong in our support of housing as a basic human right, and committed to assisting individuals in their housing search. We will continue to collect resources to assist individuals in their housing search, but rather than distributing the affordable housing list individuals are invited to contact or come into our Community Services office where they can work with our staff and volunteers one-to-one to explore their housing options. We can support with housing searches, tenancy information, coaching for dealing with landlords, resources for securing other living supports, and many other services at our office.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Community Services Office for more information or with any questions you may have!


Thank you for your continued support and understanding,

The Community Services Team


The John Howard Society of the Lower Mainland of BC
3360 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC V5V 4C1
604.872.5471 ext. 222

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