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As a community driven organization that responds to local needs, volunteers play an important role at the John Howard Society.  Volunteer positions are available in:  

  • Restorative Justicea program that provides an alternative to the criminal justice system for individuals who have caused harm in their community. Volunteers are trained as facilitators and will assist with (co)facilitating meetings where the person who caused harm and those impacted can meet and collaboratively create a contract or a resolution agreement to repair the harm.  All volunteers must be over the age of 19.
  • Shoplifting Prevention Program: a program designed to put emphasis on the offender to take responsibility for their actions.  The participant learns how to repair the harm done to their community by completing the program and becoming aware of the effects of shoplifting.  Volunteers will assist participants by (co)facilitating curriculum. All volunteers must be over the age of 19.
  • Connectionsare group activities offered several times each week for adults with developmental disabilities.  The intent is to offer a wide assortment of fun, free, safe and age-appropriate educational events and activities that incorporate life-skill development, positive socialization, social interaction special interest education and therapeutic activities.  Volunteers will (co)facilitate Connections with other staff
  • Gateway :  JHS has a drop-in space for individuals connected to our Community Living services where they can access services such as kitchen, laundry, and shower.  JHS is always looking for individuals available to be present in this space for those served, meeting them where they're at, assisting with activities, and offering their skills.   

Getting started

Step 1: All volunteers are required to provide a criminal records check that allows for working with vulnerable adults before starting to volunteer.  JHS will cover the cost of positive criminal record check of successful candidates/volunteers.  Have this ready.

Step 2: Send in your resume and cover letter to volunteer@jhscso.bc.ca specifying the program(s) of your interest. 

Step 3: Interview for specified volunteer position.

Step 4: If it is determined that you will be a good fit for the program and your criminal record check is clear, we will train you for the volunteer position! 

Contact Information

Michelle LaBoucane or Elliot Penner
1440 St. Paul Street, Kelowna BC
Ph. 250-763-1331 ext. 206, Fax. 250-763-1483
Email: volunteer@jhscso.bc.ca

We work in partnership with Volinspire: 

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