Restorative Justice Program mediation & conflict resolution

The Restorative Justice program of the John Howard Society provides an alternative to the criminal justice system for individuals who have caused harm in their community. The program accomplishes this by providing a facilitated meeting where the person who caused harm and those impacted can meet and collaboratively create a contract, or resolution agreement, to repair the harm.

The Restorative Justice program operates in conjunction with several community agencies, businesses, and government bodies, including the RCMP, Community Corrections, and ICBC.  The John Howard Society has been delivering the Restorative Justice program in the Central Okanagan since 2005.

The program is rooted in restorative justice philosophy which focuses on community healing. While the formal justice system is adversarial and punishment based, the focus of restorative justice is on offender accountability, problem solving, addressing the underlying issues, and relationship building. Restorative Justice creates an equal voice for those who caused harm and the victim(s). Research has shown that best results occur when the victim, offender, and the community jointly resolve the effects of the offender’s actions.

Quick Points:

Eligibility: adults who are taking responsibility for the harm they've caused.
Referral: Accepted from RCMP, ICBC, Community Corrections, and the community.

Get involved! Restorative Justice needs volunteers 

  • Volunteers are integral for the operation of the program.
  • Restorative Justice training for volunteers is offered through the John Howard Society as well as onsite training of entire process including facilitating forums;
  • Excellent opportunity to get involved, learn new skills, and be a part of process that changes lives and strengthens community bonds;
  • Volunteers support the program in several different capacities including conducting intakes, community education, or facilitating/co-facilitating forums.

Contact Information

Michelle LaBoucane
1440 St. Paul Street, Kelowna BC
Ph. 250-763-1331 ext. 206, Fax. 250-763-1483

Program is funded and works in partnership with:

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The Restorative Justice program of the John Howard Society provides an alternative to the criminal justice system for individuals who have caused harm in their community. The program accomplishes this...

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