Gateway mentoring & outreach program

Gateway is a mentoring and outreach program that supports adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities who are either involved in the criminal justice system or at-risk of being criminalized.  The Gateway program works with individuals under the care of Community Living BC (CLBC) to provide community inclusion support.  

What We Do

Utilizing strength-based, client-centered, and relationship building approaches, Gateway can support individuals from diverse backgrounds and circumstances.  As a result service delivery is adapted or individualized according to the needs of each person.  The Gateway support worker, facilitator, and the person served work collaboratively to determine service plans and goals.  Where appropriate, the input of family members and other community stakeholders can be incorporated.  Some of the main ways the program can help are: 

  • Meeting one-on-one on a frequent and regular basis, 
  • Assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) and promoting independent life-skills,
  • Assistance with therapeutic recreational activities,
  • Support acquiring and maintaining housing,
  • Assistance with finding employment and occupational pursuits,
  • Assisting with legal conditions and orders,
  • Connecting to pertinent resources such as mental health, treatment, and others. 

Gateway Connections

In addition to our individualized support, we also provide multiple weekly group activities that we call Connections.  Connections is all about providing age-appropriate therapeutic recreational activities that promote social inclusion, learning opportunities, and interpersonal relationships in a safe and fun environment.  To prevent financial barriers to participation, all activities are free!

Referrals:Those interested in accessing this program must contact Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) to determine eligibility for the program.  CLBC will then coordinate service.

Contact Information

Elliot Penner
104-1456 St. Paul Street, Kelowna BC
Direct. 250-300-7814




Program is funded and works in partnership with:

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