Ready to Rent

Ready to Rent BC (R2R) is an educational course on housing to builds skills, knowledge, and confidence for program participants, preparing them the housing market.

The goal is to empower tenants to understand their rights and responsibilities, communicate effectively with landlords, neighbours and roommates, budget to maintain their housing, and look after their home.

The model is grounded in a housing stability and homelessness prevention framework.

Eligibility: R2R is available to absolutely anyone who completes and submits a referral.

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Contact Information

Kara Rose
1436 St. Paul Street, Kelowna BC
Ph. 778-436-9476, Fax. 778-436-9477

Program is offered in partnership with R2R and CMHA Kelowna:



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Last year, more than 112,000 people in communities across BC were helped thanks to the contributions of our supporters.
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