Prostitution Offender Program Okanagan

The Prostitution Offender Program (POP) is a program for persons arrested for Obtaining Sexual Services for Consideration (Sec 286.1 CCC).  POP is a regional strategy in the Okanagan which encourages sex trade consumers to gain a greater understanding of prostitution and related issues so that they are able to make different decisions in the future.  It is an opportunity for the community to have a voice in addressing the negative effects of prostitution within our community.

The Purpose of POP

To educate rather than punish.  The sex trade consumer is provided the opportunity to understand the effects of their actions.  In a non-confrontational approach, participants will listen to the real stories from those adversely affected by the sex trade.  It is a one of a kind diversion program for those arrested for their first time as solicitors of prostitution.

Topics Discussed

  • Legal implications,
  • Health issues and harm-reduction,
  • Impacts on business and communities,
  • Voices of victims / survivors,
  • And much more!

Our Goal

To change attitudes and behaviours by having clients understand why they should not see the sex trade as a reasonable option to meet their needs.

Background of POP

Since starting in 1995, Prostitution Offender Programs have offered in several major cities across North American including Vancouver and San Francisco.  It is a program that has always sought to curb the demand by concentrating on the sex trade consumer.

The program employs an approach which includes community members as part of the solution to the problem.  The program exposes the realities of the sex trade.  Clients are shown how their actions support an industry which is directly responsible for the commercial sexual exploitation and abuse of youth and vulnerable populations.

EligibilityAll referrals come through the RCMP.  To be eligible for the program, offenders must be taking responsibility for their actions, arrested on their first offence, and have no signs of malice at arrest.  All referrals must pay $600.

Contact Information

Elliot Penner
1440 St. Paul Street, Kelowna BC
Ph. 250-300-7814, Fax. 250-763-1483

POP is made possible as a result of the valuable contributions by individual members in our community as well as the following community partners:

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Last year, more than 112,000 people in communities across BC were helped thanks to the contributions of our supporters.
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