Professional Neighbour housing model

The John Howard Society is a registered charity whose goal is to respond to social and health related issues in our community.  Safe and secure housing is a well known determinant for improved health and well-being. However, housing in Kelowna has become very challenging to obtain for individuals on a fixed disability income and in need of individualized care.  Where options exist, there are often long wait-lists.  In order to respond to high-rents, long wait-lists, and low-vacancy rates, as well as to continue to be able to provide much needed individualized support to those with complex needs, the John Howard Society has developed a unique approach, in collaboration with other community partners, called the Professional Neighbour model. 

The Professional Neighbour model is a housing model that supports those who are able to live successfully in the community with assertive outreach and community inclusion support, but have struggled elsewhere.  Each Professional Neighbour house is different, in order to support the unique needs of the person living there.  Typically Professional Neighbour models involved a two-suite house, where individuals served through John Howard live separately in one suite and a professionally screened neighbour, familiar with the circumstances of their neighbour, lives in the other suite.  

This model is made possible as a result of key partnerships that include, but are not limited to, Community Living BC, Interior Health, BC Housing, Living Positive Resource Centre, as well as great and kind landlords and amazing professional neighbours.    

Have a rental looking for renters?

If you are a landlord with a two-suite rental house, please contact us!  

We can provide you:

  • Guaranteed monthly rent for both suites, both from the same source: the John Howard Society,
  • A secure rental agreement,
  • A professional building administrative team to work with you and your property,
  • An enduring partnership with an established charitable community organization that has operated in the Okanagan for 60+ years,
  • Outreach social workers who will be checking in on your property several times a week,
  • And as an agency that manages several apartments and houses, with 100+ renters, you can bet we will treat your property as we treat our own! 


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